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Atlanta Cosmetic Urology provides circumcision services for older boys (above the age of ten) and adult men only. Dr. Hakky will perform a circumcision revision surgery from a previous doctor or for an initial circumcision. Total Reviews See All ReviewsBrand: Atlanta Cosmetic Urology. At Comprehensive Urology in the Beverly Grove community of Los Angeles, California, Kiarash Michel, MD, and his team of board-certified urology experts perform adult circumcisions on men over the age of To learn more about circumcision and its benefits, call Comprehensive Urology or book an appointment online today. /5(18).

Circumcision also lowers the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), especially in the first year of life. Once they mature into adult males, circumcised males may have a lower risk of contracting some sexually transmitted diseases. Circumcision doesn't affect fertility. Urologists typically advise adult circumcision only when a man is experiencing recurrent health problems such as inflammation of the head of the penis and difficulty retracting the foreskin. These problems can usually be prevented with careful and diligent hygiene.