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Easy-to-operate routine adult colonoscope that effectively supports detection, diagnosis and endoscopic therapy. Colonoscopes These Colonoscopes from Absolute Medical Equipment offer advanced video imaging solutions.

Jul 22,  · A colonoscopy usually takes 30–60 clitxxx.xyzr, people should allocate 2–3 hours to the procedure to allow for preparation and recovery time. Before the procedure, the person will receive a Author: Jayne Leonard. With an ultra-slim scope diameter of only mm, the PCF-PH features our new RIT colonoscope technology, which combines effective PB (Passive Bending) and HFT (High Force Transmission).

G-EYE® Video Endoscopes; RetroView™ Colonoscopes ECi10T; UltraSlim ECi Video Colonoscope; MagniView ECZi Video Colonoscope; SCOPEPILOT - The next generation 3D colon navigation system. The standard colonoscope is 13mm in diameter and cm in length. It will cause no trauma and you will be sedated for the procedure. Search for a Doctor. Related Q&A Content. Are all colon polyps cancerous? How do you know what a colon polyp is? How long does it take for me to get my results after I have a colonoscopy consultation?.