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Twin Rivers Unified School District, Federal, State, and County Supportive Services have specific program requirements to identify actual instructional hours of student attendance. Twin Rivers Adult School recognizes that a positive correlation exists between regular attendance and achievement. Attendance/Enrollment. As a result of Arkansas Acts 30 and 31 of policies for the “Minimum Age for Adult Education Enrollment” and “Attendance for Sixteen (16) and Seventeen (17) Year Old Students” were approved by the State Board of Vocational Education on November 14,

Registration and Attendance There is no registration fee required for enrollment in the adult school program. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend. New students are . Key tables in the statistical report include, Table 4 - Educational Gains and Attendance by Educational Functional Level, and Table 5 – Core Follow-up Outcome Achievement. (Measures and Methods for National Reporting System for Adult Education; 34 CFR Parts ) TOP

There is no state attendance law for Adult Education; attendance in our program is optional. Our programs are designed for adults over the age of With the approval of the superintendent, students between the age of 17 and 18 may attend our programs. 17 Year old Students. Adult and Career Technical Education programs at Miami-Dade County Public Schools are designed to strengthen practical skills and prepare you for the career of your choice. Whatever your goals, our certified instructors can help you to reach your full potential. Explore your career options leading to high-wage, high-growth jobs.