Britains finest mature secretaries Louise and Leia - adult jabba with leia


adult jabba with leia - Britains finest mature secretaries Louise and Leia

They walked the ends, with a large binding for one of her hands on each, and forced Leia to her knees in front of Jabba. Smaller bindings protruded from the floor, wrapping around her ankles and locking them in place. Leia began to sob, completely humiliated and her honor stripped from her as she kneeled there naked in front of Jabba’s audience. Apr 14,  · Absolutely. There is no doubt that Jabba pawed, fondled, pinched, prodded and slobbered on Princess Leia. He’s the Dov Charney of a galaxy far, far away. Jabba surrounded himself with a plethora of.

There's more to Slave Leia than just the simple slave outfit. Behind it all is the most slimy and disgusting being in the entire Galaxy: Jabba the Hutt. Without the drooling slug to yank on the captive princess's chain and do with her as he pleases, the infamous metal bikini would not exist. Nov 06,  · According to the narrative, Leia dresses as a man to fool Jabba and rescue Han, and then dresses in the bikini because she’s forced to by Jabba. But .

Jan 05,  · And for another, Leia isn't with Jabba for a night or so - she spends a full 3 WEEKS in his captivity, during which time he leaves her with no choice but to sacrifice her dignity and swallow her pride, surrender her will to his and to live the truth of the good little slave girl that he has awoken in her. No. As other answers have stated, Jabba, being a different species than Leia, couldn't "have sex with" her. But that doesn't mean he couldn't have been sexUAL with her. Old canon (now "Legends") stated that Jabba was often looked at as a pervert by his fellow Hutts for his deviant interest in .