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May 23,  · The Wired Classroom: Leveraging Technology to Engage Adult Learners Jaigris Hodson | Program Head in the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies, Royal Roads University Across the board, postsecondary educators could do more to engage their students by leveraging technology in new and innovative ways. While most college students in the range are considered near-adults, students over the age of 25 are generally called adult students or adult learners. Many of them are pursuing a college education to upskill or to change careers and remain relevant in a society that is rapidly changing due to technology.

Engaging Adults Learners with Technology Through hands-on experience and reviewing the literature, two instruction librarians explore and model best practices in incorporating technology into teaching, assessing and communicating with non-traditional adult students. Learning Upgrade. Learning Upgrade® is a fun and engaging digital solution to help adult learners accelerate growth in literacy and math skills to succeed in classes, earn a diploma, get a better job, or enter college. Learners can access over English and math CCRS-aligned lessons on their smartphones or tablets, anytime and anywhere.

Jun 12,  · Adult Learning Education Technology Tools for Adult Learners Get Mixed Results From SRI Study Jun 12, Tweet. Share. Email. Tweet. Share. Email. IMMATURE, STILL NEEDS TO GROW UP: How are education technology tools helping the 36 million U.S. adults who lack basic literacy and math skills for entry-level jobs? Apr 03,  · Despite some of these unique challenges facing the older adult population when it comes to technology, most seniors who become internet users make visiting the digital world a regular occurrence. Among older adults who use the internet, 71% go online every day or almost every day, and an additional 11% go online three to five times per week.