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Differences of Young, Adolescent and Adult Learners. The age of students is a large factor for teachers consider in making decisions about how and what to teach. Teachers must take into account students’ learning needs, expectations, cognitive abilities, and skills. For instance, when teaching language, teachers respect children's need to. One of the main differences between young learners and adult learners is their discipline and behavior during class. Adult learners are generally more disciplined, independent and .

It is important to note that even though the approach to teaching adults and children should be done in different ways to optimize the particular group’s learning potential, much of the basic principles of learning are the same for both groups. Listed below are some of the fundamental differences of children learning and adult learning. Children generally perceive themselves as learners and mostly engage in education without a clear sense of direction. Adults, on the other hand, usually engage in learning in relevance to their work or daily life, in order to immediately enhance their position in their current situation.

One of the major differences between adult learners and youth is that adults are typically more autonomous and self-directed. Adults are more likely to be more independent and they typically prefer teaching methods that involve them in the learning process and .