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Jun 25,  · Oppositional defiant disorder is a risk factor for the development of conduct disorder (CD). The diagnostic criteria associated with conduct disorder are . Jan 18,  · Adults with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) feel mad at the world, misunderstood, hemmed in, and pushed around. Their constant opposition to authority figures can make it difficult to keep jobs or maintain relationships and marriages. In other words, ODD interferes with patients’ personal and professional lives and it does so without rest.

Oppositional defiant disorder in adults with ADHD A total of 69% met criteria for ODD as children and/or adults. Understanding how ODD interacts with ADHD to impact personality disorder, substance abuse, and treatment response has important clinical, social, and theoretical by: Oppositional Defiant Disorder Can Affect All Ages The symptoms seen in children, teens, and adults may range from mild to severe. With ODD, it isn’t just the person with symptoms who suffers—it’s the whole family, as well as friends, colleagues, and classmates. It’s important to know that having ODD is not a character flaw.