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There are currently more than known procedures for fixing hypospadias. After puberty, repair is made in two stages that are spaced 4 to 6 months apart. Most . Longer time for indwelling urine catheter: We like to keep catheter inside for days for distal hypospadias repair in adults and days for severe hypospadias .

Hypospadias Re-Do Surgery – Adult Patients born with hypospadias who undergo repair are at risk for the development of urethral strictures. A high percentage of . Hypospadias in Adults While most hypospadias repairs are done in boys, occasionally an adult was not operated and then desires surgery because of urinary spraying or .

The data relating to patient age and the duration of hypospadias showed the same values as hypospadias is a birth defect. Conclusion Adult patients undergoing . Hypospadias is the abnormal opening of the urethra at the undersurface of the penis. Hypospadias repair is performed in such patients to treat the condition. The success Author: Sami Ullah, Sundas Karimi, Haroon Sabir Khan, Umar Farooque, Omer Cheema, Priyanka Kumari, Komal Gir.