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adult s m slave training rp - white gardenia bondage S&M big tit girl w rope grape fetish

Slave training Slave training is a BDSM activity usually involving a consensual power exchange between two people taking on the roles of a Master or Mistress and a slave. Aug 24,  · Welcome to the legendary La Domaine Esemar, the world’s only BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) training chateau — an adult wonderland where wild fantasies become a .

Apr 01,  · Some Masters like to formally train their slaves and even run them through a training program. Watch the movie The Story of O for some examples of such training, although that’s definitely more of an S&M version, not so much pure D/s. If you’re the Master, you’re in charge. So feel free to instruct your slave to behave exactly as you desire. Slave Ownership. Slave Training. Slut Training & Pimping. Super Villain. The Car Breakdown. This site contains adult sensitive content. Please verify your age. I am at least 18 years old. Remember me. We use cookies to ensure that we give the best user experience on our website. Continued use of this site assume that you agree.

It’s perfect for a sissy like me to learn to be better but also allows us sissies to chat and mingle with other sissies. This is a great way for us Read more “alanaa”. to change the slave's actions and speech to express the slave's changed habits and attitudes. The slave will seek to learn how to please the Master(s) better, and will gracefully accept any criticism in whatever form the Master(s) chooses. The slave renounces all rights to privacy or concealment from the Master(s). The slave will answer.