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adult scenes from fritz the cat - Sex scene adult movie

Apr 25,  · The great cartoonist/provocateur Robert Crumb disowned this film based on his comic strip about the low-down adventures of a randy tom-cat. Clearly a la. Apr 12,  · By Fritz was a beatnik caricature. Former Mad editor Harvey Kurtzman Harvey Kurtzman picked up stories like “Hey, Ol’ Cat!” and “Fritz Comes On .

Apr 05,  · A trailer I made for Fritz the Cat. Any feedback would be apprechiated. Thanks. Fritz tricks three females (two cats and a kangaroo) into having an orgy in a bathtub, soon more people join it. A nude bunny holds his penis, and he urinates on a pig. An aardvark has sex with one of the bunny girls. A bunny girl tries to seduce a pig cop by jiggling .

Still, Bakshi's Fritz the Cat, which screens at the Walter Reade Theater this Friday night at midnight, was the first X-rated animated film and is, to this day, the most financially successful. Jan 19,  · But perhaps the most adult of all adult animations is the notorious Fritz The Cat, an X-rated comedy from that can now be streamed on Amazon Julia Banim.