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May 21,  · Common types of adult speech impairment There are many different types of speech impairment and speech disorders, including: apraxia (AOS), which is a neurological disorder that makes it difficult. Mar 22,  · A speech disorder refers to any condition that affects a person’s ability to produce sounds that create words.

Jan 05,  · Speech impairment in adults Speech and language impairment may be any of several problems that make it difficult to communicate. Jan 28,  · A speech impairment relates to the way an individual produces or articulates specific sounds. One example of this is stuttering.

Adult Speech Difficulties Adult speech difficulties are common and come in many forms including stuttering, dysarthria, voice problems, and articulation difficulties. Nov 28,  · One of the most commonly experienced speech disorders is stuttering. Other speech disorders include apraxia and dysarthria. Apraxia is a motor speech disorder caused by .