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May 17,  · Underachievement is a stress indicator associated with physical problems and emotional discomfort. High scorers on this scale have the perception that they are not being very productive with their. Apr 07,  · Too many good people think they are “adult underachievers” but aren’t. What they really are is folks who have chosen a different lifepath than the one that is accepted as the best way to live in our society. (I’m in America, but probably still true in Australia and the UK. It’s less true in Europe.

Mar 08,  · In school, the labels “achiever” or “underachiever” are determined as compared to your fellow students; however, in the real adult world, you and I get to decide what is important to us. Nov 22,  · The number one symptom in Hallowell and Ratey's Diagnostic Criteria for Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults is this very problem. 1. A sense of underachievement, of not meeting one's goals (regardless of how much one has actually accomplished). We put this symptom first because it is the most common reason an adult seeks help.

Apr 29,  · Psychology Definition of UNDERACHIEVER: noun. a person, generally a pupil, who steadily reaches levels below their already proven ability. . Oct 03,  · I am 51 years old and am still blocked in finding a career. I grew up with an extremely controlling mother who was raised in poverty and was severely abused. When I was born, she was determined to live her life again through me and make it "right". I was, and still am, a complete right brainer; artistic, philosophical, creative. I wanted a career in the creative field, but my mother insisted.