BDSM interview: How adult baby lives out his preference - baby in adult diaper


baby in adult diaper - BDSM interview: How adult baby lives out his preference

Source - Damien Turner has been part of the adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) community for the last 10 years, meaning he wears nappies all day. But the year-old, from West Virginia, says, his lifestyle has caused problems in his professional life. Feb 20,  · A woman who lives as a full-time adult baby has revealed that she spends a whopping $ a month on diapers and has her own nursery complete with a crib.

Apr 08,  · Adult cloth diapers have similar styles and features that are found with baby cloth diapers. One major difference here is that many adults will be using and evaluating them first hand on themselves. Because of this, it is a little easier to look for the right product at the start and make adjustments quickly if there are any issues with discomfort, skin irritation, the volume of fluid or fit with . I went to my friends house for a sleepover and my mother told his mom that I would be in diapers when I got there. My friends mother said she would keep me in diapers and change me when needed. And I was. My friends mother when changing me would do it as if I were a baby. She cleaned me, put on diaper rash ointment, and baby powder.