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Background: Neurogenic claudication is a common spinal condition affecting older adults that has a major effect on mobility and implicitly independence. The effectiveness of conservative interventions in this population is not known. We describe the statistical analysis plan for the Better Outcomes for Older people with Spinal trouble (BOOST) randomised controlled trial. Jun 01,  · Conservative treatments are a favourable treatment option. This paper describes the development and delivery of the BOOST (Better Outcomes for Older adults with Spinal Trouble) intervention, a physiotherapist-delivered physical and psychological intervention for the management of neurogenic claudication in older by: 2.

The three models are Better Outcomes for Older adults through Safe Transitions (BOOST), the Care Transitions Intervention (CTI), and the Transitional Care Model (TCM). Better Outcomes for Older Adults through Safe Transitions (BOOST) is a discharge-focused program from the Society of Hospital Medicine. The Solution Following BOOST protocols based on aggregate data analysis, geriatric patients were “BOOSTed” upon admission, their charts flagged and names added to a unit white board so that all providers.

Development and Delivery of the BOOST (Better Outcomes for Older Adults With Spinal Trouble) Intervention for Older Adults With Neurogenic Claudication Neurogenic claudication due to spinal stenosis is a common cause of disability in older adults. Conservative treatments are a Cited by: 2. Jan 21,  · In the US population ages sixty-five and older numbered million, with older adults representing percent of the population. 1 By .