18yo Busty Buffy sucking & swallowing in POV video - buffy/angelus adult fanfiction


buffy/angelus adult fanfiction - 18yo Busty Buffy sucking & swallowing in POV video

Fics for the pairing of Buffy and Angelus. Angelus by Gethernia reviews Darla gets the Gypsies to take away Angel's soul right after he gets it, Buffy moves to Cleveland, a group of vampires killed her watcher, causing Giles to move there and become her watcher. What happens if Buffy meets Angelus, . AU fic: Buffy Summers and Angelus O'Brien are two of the hottest actors on the market with two differnt personalities. What will happen when they are put on the same project? Will love blossom or will they drive each other nuts?

"Rest assured Angelus this contract was drawn up long before Buffy entered the picture," Hank said hoping to alleviate the young man's fears. Conveniently Hank left out the part about him receiving $1,, once the marriage was finalized then another $1,, as long as Buffy did not dissolve the marriage before the ten years. Buffy is a vampire turned by Giles leader of the order of Cardonis. Angelus is a yr old vampire of the order of Aurelious. He's disinterested, she hates him. Will sparks ever fly?

AU Buffy and Angel fanfiction. Follow. Focus: TV Shows Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Since: Founder: melluvben - Stories: 68 - Followers: 18 - id: Great AU BuffyAngel fanfiction Smoke & Mirrors by Isis FG reviews. BA fic. total AU. Backwater. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6. By:SilentAngelofTime Rating:G Two young teenagers appear in W&H and it's discovered that both are the daughter of Buffy and either Angel or Spike from different universes but Cordy gets a vision from the PTB and they must change their futures or risk the end of the world.