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10 Quick Christian Devotions - Beliefnet. Young Adults. Collective: Finding Life Together. Stop Trying—Receive Your Real Identity. Book of Zephaniah. Book of Haggai. Wild Testament. Strong Disciples One. The Heart Attitudes: Part 2. The Gospels in Journey Through John. Read Through the New Testament. 21 Days to Connect: Anchoring Your College Life Week 1.

for Teens and Adults from Subscribe to our Newsletter - Learn More. Have you written a devotional for older teens or adults? Send it in for review to have it published here: [email protected] The Be-Attitudes for Adults-- for daily devotional reading or group Bible study. YEAR-ROUND. Jul 27,  · 10 Quick Christian Devotions As a young mother, I often found it difficult to find time for a devotional with God. When it came to my relationship with God, I found myself believing that I.

These devotionals and lessons are designed for that shorter format (between minutes). Matthew “Straining at” or “Straining Out” Gnats. For more devotionals and short lessons, consider browsing the youth devotionals and short lessons section. Devotionals Daily: A Year with Jesus Showcasing the variety of ways in which God shows His love for us through the gift of Jesus, these devotionals provide encouragement and inspiration for new.