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With Jerry Springer. A man's sister is upset by his taste in women; a woman is tired of her fiancé's ex-girlfriend's antics; a woman regrets asking a friend to . Boys that age get boners, and they notice your sister. Unless you plan to put her in a burqa, you have to accept that your sister, like ever other girl at that school, is being looked at by the boys she goes to school with. Unless they DO something (other than have erections) there is no reason for you to do, or say, anything.

Terminology Sexual arousal from a twin sister or sister in general is referred to as sororilagnia or sorophilia, while a male analogous term is fratrilagnia, and a more general term is sibcest. There is the added concern that your son disclosed this 8 year olds boy’s attempt to abuse his younger sister, and possibly abuse has already occurred. This would be another strong reason to speak with this boy’s parents as soon as possible. Additionally, you may want to consider reporting your son’s report to your local child protection.

Da Capo features another almost-incest relationship between a boy and his foster sister. Dear Brother has Rei Asaka's obsession with her older half-sister Fukiko Ichinomiya, and Fukiko's abusive behavior towards her as one of the driving forces of the plot. In Brother and Sister Make Huge Mess in Pantry. This little boy and girl wanted to make a treat for their mom while she was on the phone, so they took to the pantry and tried to make a .