The priceless facial expressions - facial and expression and lesson


facial and expression and lesson - The priceless facial expressions

Ask students, to recap, how gestures and facial expressions can be helpful in theatre and every day in communication. ASSESSMENT: Students will be assessed on their participation in their group skits. If they participated and used, or made very strong attempts to use, facial expressions and gestures, they will receive full credit for the day. A practical lesson that will help teach your students how to use the expressive skills of facial expression, gesture, posture and movement when creating a .

A facial expression is a motion or gesture made by one's facial muscles. Facial expressions, along with body language. Seeing Emotion in Facial Expressions For Students K - 8th Learning to read body language, especially facial expressions, is the focus of a mini-lesson. Young learners examine a series of photographs, identify the emotion being illustrated, and then discuss the cues that revealed the emotion.