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Hard Disk vs RAM. RAM and Hard disk Drive are two types of memory used in computers. They both are important and serve different functions within the system. HDD or the Hard Disk Drive stores information for permanent storage and RAM stores information for relatively short term usage by the processors and other components such as the VGA. If the RAM of your computer is not sufficient, both the performance and the speed will be affected. At this critical time, it’s urgent to increase virtual memory. On Windows 10, you’re allowed to use your hard drive as RAM. So, I’ll show you how to increase the RAM by using hard disk on Windows

RAM VS Hard Disk. Meaning: RAM (Random Access Memory) is a memory in PC that requirements electricity stream to keep information. Programs, OS and different procedures require RAM to take care of business; however it is unpredictable or volatile memory. Hard disk (HDD) is just storage in simple words a place where a person can store and erase data. Increase RAM Using Hard Drive For Boosting Performance. The steps and method for using the hard drive as RAM are similar across different versions of Windows like 7, 8, and even So, go ahead and utilize the free space by turning it into RAM. Also, before setting the hard disk as RAM or Virtual memory, make sure it has sufficient space.

RAM is insanely fast compared with traditional storage, as you can see in the above screenshot comparing benchmarks from a rpm hard drive (left) and a RAM . Apart from the hard drive(s) or SDD(s), there are no other components inside a PC that permanently store any of your files. But as mentioned above, there is one possible exception: an optical drive. If you ever burned any of those “sensitive” files to a blank CD or DVD, you’ll need to check to make sure that disc isn’t still inside the.