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Apr 19,  · If a condom is stuck in your anus If you can reach it, the same rules apply as above, according to Joseph Frankhouse, a Portland, Oregon-based fellow of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons and leader of the Colon and Rectal surgery program for Legacy clitxxx.xyz: Ali Drucker. Nov 16,  · Try removing the condom while sitting in a warm bath or seated over the toilet, and lubricate your finger before putting it inside, suggests Dr. Dweck. “Then use a Author: Anthea Levi.

Apr 23,  · An article that ran in The Frisky discussed what to do when a condom gets stuck inside you, and on the to-do-list is realizing that you might be at Author: Jill Di Donato. Mar 30,  · Seriously, breathe! The condom isn’t actually stuck inside you! “It’s just left behind,” says Felice Gersh, MD, author of “ PCOS SOS: A Gynecologist’s Lifeline to Naturally Restore Your Rhythms.

"if a condom breaks inside you, is it possible for small pieces of the condom to remain inside you?" Answered by Dr. Andrea Knittel: You can find them: You can look at the condom . Dec 02,  · Coming to your query, there should not have been any parts of the condom left inside your girlfriend for long as the uterus would naturally expel it. If at all any part of the condom were to be left behind it could result in an infection (although a simple one). Broken condom stuck inside .